Legal planning for corporations and businesses is intended to avoid problems before they arise. Planning services available include the startup of a new business entity and deciding whether the business is best conducted as a corporation, a partnership or a variation such as a limited liability corporation or limited liability family partnership. Business planning can also involve structuring relationships between owners or between management and employees.

Bankruptcy litigation is very different than other types of litigation. Primus Law Office, P.A. has been involved in bankruptcy litigation throughout the country. This includes successfully defending claims brought by bankrupt motor carriers whose Bankruptcy Estate has made claims against its former customers for alleged underpayment of freight charges, past due penalties, and related issues. Bankruptcy litigation also includes preference claims brought by a bankruptcy estate against its former vendors or suppliers. In addition to matters where our office has acted as local counsel, Primus Law Office, P.A. also acts as local counsel for firms outside of Minnesota whose clients are involved in litigation in bankruptcy courts in Minnesota.

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