Logistics Management Magazine

Logistics Management Magazine was co-developer of the On-Line! On-Demand!!
version of the seminar based on William Augello's landmark text
"Transportation, Logistics and the Law"

Articles authored by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

“Unintended Consequences” The elimination of required cargo liability insurance by the FMCSA now forces shippers to independently verify the existence of the policy and nature of the coverage held by their carriers.

“Don’t Pay Twice” This article focuses on the double payment problem and offers suggestions for avoiding – or at least minimizing – the risk of this increasing problem.

"Don't Pay Twice!": Indictment against Nicholas Lakes.

“Cargo Insurance and Liability: Two Cautionary Tales” This article focuses on two of the most critical areas of logistics and transportation law. --- cargo liability insurance and vicarious liability for accidents on the highway.

“Logistics and the Law: Same Game, Higher Stakes” This article focuses on the fundamental information that transportation professionals must understand in order to maximize net revenues and minimize risk to their organizations.

“Three tips to consider when evaluating cargo insurance”

“Logistics and the Law: 5 challenges you can’t ignore” This article outlines 5 challenges for shippers in order to minimize costs and alleviate risks in their logistics organizations.

“Logistics and the Law:  Remembering Bill Augello” This article relates to Bill's accomplishments and explains the significance of his work --- which included devoting his legal career to representing the interests of shippers.