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Community Property vs. Equitable Division

- By : Laurel - Date : July 2019

Different states have different laws for ownership of property during a marriage and dividing property upon divorce. For purposes of this article we are considering only the differences upon divorce.

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Divorce, a Disabled Child, and Your Parental Rights

- By : Laurel - Date : July 2012

Parenting a disabled child can be the cause of a great deal of stress on the parents’ relationship. It is not uncommon for parents to have differing opinions as to how to make that child’s life as productive and comfortable as possible. One parent is often considered over protective of the child by the other.

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Tax Ramifications of Mortgage Foreclosure or Short Sale of Residence

- By : Laurel - Date : June 2012

It has come to my attention that many people are unaware of the fact that their failure to pay the full amount of their mortgage can result in their receipt of taxable income. “Sounds great” you say. “Where’s the cash?” You already received the cash. You got it when you took out the mortgage or refinanced. You weren’t taxed then because you agreed to pay the money back

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